Übersetzung ins Englische zum Thema Vertrauen und Selbstverwirklichung

[Ausschnitt aus der Übersetzung ins Englische des originalen Blogbeitrags „Dem Leben vertrauen: Lass Dich fallen“ im Auftrag von Elias Fischer, Begleiter für Selbstverwirklichung]

Trust in Life: Let Go

One of the greatest challenges for humankind is to learn that we can trust in life. We grow up in a world that is shaped by policies, regulations, prohibitions, rules, supervision, inspections, etc. The entire western world – and perhaps Germany in particular – is based on the assumption that life cannot be trusted. And that is what we learn when we grow up in this world: Not to trust! We consider ourselves to be lone fighters who have no connections to life. But is this the truth? Is distrust justified? Do we have to „protect“ ourselves and control everything? Is there „true security“ at all? Or do we actually not have to worry about it and can have absolute trust in life?


Being Able to Trust in Life more Deeply

It all starts – as always – in your head. Those who do not trust in life have learned this from their immature or stressed parents, their strict teachers, their evil classmates, their false friends, their mobbing co-workers or their unfaithful love partners. These experiences generate beliefs in the mind such as „people cannot be trusted“. Accidents and blows of fate generate thoughts like „the world is bad“ or „life is against me“.

We draw into our lives what we believe in. So if we have negative beliefs in our heads, we need to know that we are shaping our future with them – welcome to the vicious circle that proves that we apparently cannot trust in life. Therefore, a first step can be to become aware of one’s own thoughts in order to expose destructive thought patterns. If we want to attract good experiences into our lives with positive thoughts in order to develop trust, we should at least take a look at everything destructive in our minds. Because what we do not want will automatically dissolve in the light of our consciousness. You will become more aware of your own thoughts, for instance, by learning to meditate.


Trust and Connect Yourself with Life

In order to recreate trust in life, it can be helpful if we reconnect with the primordial nature, life itself. If we re-establish the connection between ourselves and life. We are not separated from life. We are in constant connection. Everything that happens in this world has an origin and, therefore, there is an effect. If we connect with life, it is a cause to create a more positive life.Connecting with life is a large program. In childhood we learned to abandon our primordial nature and to separate ourselves from life. Now we want to trust again and reconnect. This means, for instance, that events in our lives are no longer attributed to bad luck, happiness or coincidence. Everything that happens to us in life has a meaning for us. Life speaks to us, tells us if we are on the right path or if we should change something.


[Dies ist ein Ausschnitt der Übersetzung ins Englische, die ich im Auftrag von Elias Fischer übernommen habe. Für den originalen Blogbeitrag klicke hier]