Übersetzung ins Englische zum Thema Intuition und Selbstverwirklichung

[Ausschnitt aus der Übersetzung ins Englische des originalen Blogbeitrags Was bedeutet Intuition und wie kann ich sie für mich nutzen?“ im Auftrag von Elias Fischer, Begleiter für Selbstverwirklichung]

What does Intuition Mean and How Can I Use It for Myself?

With intuition, we have a supernatural resource of knowledge and solutions. We can picture intuition as an armada of helpers standing behind us at any moment waiting for orders. Each one of us has this intuition and some use it more while others use it less. The truth is that it supports us no matter what our goals are. Find out in this article what this means exactly for you and your life.


The Apparent Paradox of Intuition

Now there is some kind of an apparent paradox to it: The same moment you have a goal, you have to go into a state of purposelessness. This may be confusing at the beginning, but I’ll try to explain it.

Thinking means we search directly for the solution. Intuition means that we open up for the solution to come to us. It is also part of opening-up that we set our intention or desire something of life. But at the same time we know that we are not in control and that there is no guarantee that something will be delivered to us and what will be delivered. So we create a tank where intuition can flow to us. But expect nothing and accept everything that comes along.


5 Conditions for Your Intuition to Work

Ultimately, intuition is surrender. So we can directly learn more about our path in life. So at any given moment we know what we have to do and if we have to do something. The art lies only in reading this wisdom. With intuition we have our own tool, which we carry with us at all times. Only  very few use it or have the courage to trust in it.

In order to strengthen the intuitive communication with the higher intelligence, there are still a number of factors that play a role:

  1. Relaxation. Stress blocks intuition. When we are under stress we fight for survival at some level. Therefore, we are in a constant mode of doing and reacting. There is no free space left in which we can relax and open up to intuition. See also „Dealing with Stress“.
  2. Feeling and thinking in balance. Our society is ‚mind-guided‘.


[Dies ist ein Ausschnitt der Übersetzung ins Englische, die ich im Auftrag von Elias Fischer übernommen habe. Für den originalen Blogbeitrag klicke hier]